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Library Annex

We present here studies and articles that relate to the process of Eutrophication, arranged loosely, on the basis of the date of publication.

Richard N. Nordin (1986) NUTRIENT WATER QUALITY CRITERIA FOR LAKES IN British Columbia, Lake and Reservoir Management, 2:1, 110-113, DOI: 10.1080/07438148609354611

1996. Postsettlement eutropuication histories of six British Columbia (Canada) lakes

Euan D. Reavie, John P. Smot, and Bruce Carmichael

2016. Chlorophyll a seasonality in four shallow eutrophic lakes (northern British Columbia, Canada) and the critical roles of internal phosphorus loading and temperature

Todd D. French Æ Ellen L. Petticrew

2019.  Headwater lakes and their influence on downstream discharge

Jason A. Leach, Hjalmar Laudon

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