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Looking Ahead

Help us gather and share information that is essential to a full understanding of what needs to be done to keep Hotel Lake environmentally healthy as a habitat for the wildlife, who are the natural residents and our neighbours.  If we can do that, then we will also be able to contribute with good practices as well as advice to decision makers. Let us all try and keep this tiny lake clean and healthy in the years ahead, a gift for generations to come. There will be many ways that you can help:

  • Help research and write about our wildlife neighbours,

  • Help research government roles and responsibilities,

  • Help find scientific studies and perspectives on fresh water in our environment.


We are pleased to recommend the Lakekeepers Manual published by the British Columbia Lakekeepers Society. This is an excellent guide to lake stewardship and ecology in B.C.


We are not alone; Canadians all across our country are coming together to learn and to help keep our fresh water lakes, streams and rivers clean and safe as can be seen in this pamphlet produced in Ontario by the Federation of Ontario Cottage Owners (FOCO)

A Shoreline Owners Guide to Healthy Waterfronts.  This guide offers you information and advice on ways to make the most of your shoreline property while living in balance with your lake’s fragile ecosystem.

This section of our website "LOOKING AHEAD" is perhaps the most fun as we can look ahead and learn together and help make good decisions together.  If we have enough fun its entirely likely that we will bring about changes in attitudes and behaviour that might just make Hotel Lake a model community that cares about our lake, its catchment and wildlife and the clean fresh water that sustains all life on planet Earth.  Just hover over the "Looking Ahead" menu button to see more topics.

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