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HLAA Submission, Guidelines

HLAA Submission





Our goal at Hotel Lake Advisory Association is to gather information and share it. On our Home Page we list the people who have contributed their time to do this work as well as those who have submitted subject matter and photographs.


We welcome articles, based on scientific information and relevant photographs that relate to the wildlife and plant life in and around Hotel Lake as well as information about the lake and its catchment area and all aspects of that environment.


For anyone who wishes to contribute a complete article with photographs and references on a particular subject, or species, we would like to point out that it would be our plan to mount such a contribution on our website as a full webpage.  Please get in touch with us first so that we can discuss your topic .


To facilitate a smooth interface with our website, the following simple writing structure is recommended which will make the contributed article, fit in with our website’s design.

All submissions should be written in the third person.

Because our webpages are intended to be archived and available to the public in future years, avoid un-anchored references to time, such as "this summer", or "two months ago".  Instead, please refer to a specific event or observation, by using more specific phraseology such as "in the summer of 2021" or "in March of 2021".


The science and environmental issues that are important to the people who live near and around Hotel Lake can be complex.  Nonetheless, we strive to write in a relaxed, but informative style. Articles must be relevant and factual. We do not wish to convey rumours or any political agenda; our chosen role is to share information and provide a repository for that information that is available to all.


Photographic contributions must be sent in .jpeg format and please include a caption of the subject matter and any photo credits.


We can mount/embed Youtube videos that pertain to the subject ( these require a short written introduction by the author).  At this end all we need is the YouTube link; we will do the rest.


The general web page outline that we prefer for wild life or plant life submissions is below:



Introduce the subject in and engaging way that links the subject to Hotel Lake and the people nearby.



Use a map if possible to show subject’s range in North America and British Columbia.


Describe the characteristics of the subject and include photographs and a general description.


Life Cycle

Describe the life cycle of the subject, including, reproduction, upbringing of young, migration, winter survival, importance to the environment etc.

Hunting and Feeding

Describe all aspects of the subject’s position in the food chain.


Endangered or Invasive Species

If either category applies, please expand and explain.


How can Humans Help and Respect

Identify and explain what humans need to know to respect and accommodate the subject species as one of our natural neighbours.


Activities or Behaviour that might cause harm to humans

Identify how we can respond appropriately.


Suggestions for a Rainy Day

Optional: recommend exceptional written articles or videos for further discovery (include link)


At the end of each webpage we include a short list of references. Items on this list should include a web link so the reference can be accessed instantly by the reader. An example of the reference format we use is shown below:









We hope this outline is helpful and thank you for your interest in our website.

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