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Library Annex

Riparian Area & Rights

Riparian Info: Notes on Riparian Areas Regulation, provincial and federal

An excellent outline of Riparian Area regulations

Riparian Brochure published by Provincial Government, 2016


Riparian Fact Sheet, by the Provincial Government, published 2012

Selecting plants for agricultural riparian plantings

Lands Near Water Riparian Restoration & Enhancement, updated 2018

Stewardship and practices report published and updated 2018

Invasive Species - Grow Me Instead brochure

Comprehensive, with lots of photos, to help you find alternatives to invasive species.

A Second Life for Trees in Lakes.  Michael A. Bozek.  A delightful article published in the 2001 issue of Lakeline. Complete with references, this article was reviewed by the scientific community; reviewed by: Greg Sass, Scott Toshner, Max Wolter, Zachary Lawson, Mike Wenholz, Dale Rezabek, Heidi Kennedy, and Kay Lutze. 

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