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Wildlife Neighbours

The wildlife at Hotel Lake are our neighbours and we hope everyone who visits this section of our website will enjoy getting to know them better.

When we started this website in 2021, we selected the Bald Eagle for our Hotel Lake Advisory Association logo.  This amazing raptor soars high above us and looks down on all of us with astonishingly accurate eyesight. Eagles see everything with a clarity that we admire. When we gather information and share it with you, this is our way of finding greater clarity about Hotel Lake and the wildlife and plant life that live here.

After almost going extinct in the mid 20th century due to DDT poisoning, these raptors are a true success story and because of their recovery, we chose the eagle for our logo because of it's high-view of the world below and for it's resilience in the face of adversity.


For a complete list of web pages about our wildlife neighbours, just hover over "Wildlife" on our main menu.

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