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Invasive Alternatives

There could be no better introduction to the topic of invasive species and their alternatives than the following quotation made by the Invasive Species Council of BC: "The introduction and spread of invasive alien species is affecting Canada’s environment, economy and society, including human health. The current threats posed by existing and potential invasive alien species are significant and growing at an alarming rate. It is essential for Canada to address invasive alien species. Canada needs to take measures to protect and conserve natural resources, associated industries, as well as the health of wildlife and humans."


Copied with thanks from: Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Canada, September 2004

 Grow Me Instead profiles 26 of BC’s most unwanted horticultural plants (invasive species), along with their recommended alternatives. A delightful pamphlet full of information and stunning photographs is a must-read for all gardeners.

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